Laos Motorbike Ride Report – Day 3

Sainyabuli (Xaignabouri) to Luang Prabang

  • 122km
  • 4 hours riding (including breaks)

Ride Map Day 3

Side note: One thing to be aware of when travelling through Laos is the naming of towns. They will vary dramatically. Quite often there’s one name for road signs, one for local maps and a third for guide books (TripAdvisor) and things like Google Maps. Most of the time they were close enough that you would catch on but as with the case of Sainyabuli the name you see when planning the days ride the night before doesn’t even start with the same letter as the name you’ll see on the road signs along the way. If looking up places on your phone we also found Apple Maps to be far more detailed than Google Maps for both Laos and Cambodia. Continue reading Laos Motorbike Ride Report – Day 3