Hi guys and girls!

This blog is my first attempt at writing up some of my adventure travels. I’ve always taken notes on my trips to remind myself mainly of the names of place I’ve been and the people I’ve met but have never formally put them together until now. With the addition of video on our latest trip I decided this was the only suitable medium to bring all the photos, videos and stories together.

I believe my talents are definitely more in the area of photography than they are in writing so please bear with me if the english is a little rough. I’ll try to add as many photos as possible just to keep it interesting. My aim was to use this as just a bit of a memory bank for myself and family and friends but if my experiences are any assistance in others planning their adventures then I’m glad to help.

After a huge amount of feedback to my Vietnam ride report back in 2011 I’ve again prepared one for our trip to Laos and Cambodia in 2013. It takes a huge amount of time to get all the photos together and write these up so bare with me while I work my way through it.

I love reading the comments so if you liked any of the post please leave a message. I’m also more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Hope you enjoy reading.




A very rough attempt at keeping a written and visual record of my travel adventures.

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