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Vietnam Motorbike Adventure – Day 2

Day 2

Mai Chau to Pho Chau

  • 336km
  • 10 hours riding time

The day began early with the crowing of a couple of roosters outside on the street. Thinking the sun must be about to rise I thought it would be a good time to get up and capture some photos of the sunrise over the rise paddies. As I sat up fumbling for my gear I thought i’d grab my phone just to check exactly what time it was. 2:30am! Continue reading Vietnam Motorbike Adventure – Day 2


Vietnam Motorbike Adventure – Day 1

The Trip

Hanoi to Mai Chau

  • 134kms
  • 5 hours riding time

Well the first morning of the riding started with a quick trip to a book shop the other side of Hanoi. We’d dropped in to see Hung at Flamingo Travel late on Tuesday night just to check everything was set for the morning and he’d again suggested the use of a guide (US$50/day ++) and that we might struggle without one. This got us a little nervous and we went back to the hostel debating our options. We got speaking to one of the guys on the tour desk about it and he said it was a waste of money and gave us a description of a map book that we should find that would get us to HCMC without issue. This would turn out to be the second best tip we would receive that night. Continue reading Vietnam Motorbike Adventure – Day 1