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Vietnam Motorbike Adventure – Day 5

Hoi An – Rest Day

After clicking over just short of 1000km of riding so far, we were all well and truely looking forward to a day without having to get back on the bikes. The morning started nice and late with breakfast at 9:30am and then Jarrod and I decided to make the most of hotel facilities and get a massage. With four days of solid riding under our belts things were starting to get a bit sore so an hour-long massage was a brilliant way to start our rest day. After that we moved to hotel pool to chill out for a while. Continue reading Vietnam Motorbike Adventure – Day 5


Vietnam Motorbike Adventure – Day 4

Hue to Hoi An

  • 137km
  • 3.5 hours riding time

Finally the first decent nights sleep for the trip so far. With comfortable beds, no roosters and thick curtains we managed to sleep in until a respectable 8am. Knowing today was only a short 140km to Hoi An we were in no real rush to get moving. We made our way up to the roof top for a beautiful breakfast of bread, jams, eggs and fresh fruits. I’d also finally started to get used to drinking coffee with condensed milk rather than normal milk and this morning’s didn’t have too much in there so it tasted closer to coffee than warm sugar like some previous attempts had. Continue reading Vietnam Motorbike Adventure – Day 4